Thursday, 10 March 2016

Another day, another diagnosis

I babysat for DD Lizzie this afternoon, she had yet another MH appointment, another Dr/medical expert,  another possible diagnosis!
They are changing her medication almost more often than I change my knickers! All I can do is keep trying to pick up the slack and help where I can

I have bought a pair of skechers to wear on the boat, they seem very non-slip. I will look for yoga trousers, thank you for that suggestion. Failing that I will buy some harvest festival knickers so as not to scare other boaters. (Harvest Festival knickers = all is safely gathered in)

Another machine down at work, it seems I've been using it too much, it reminded me of the  time when I returned a pair of shoes with a snapped strap to a shop, only to be told accusingly 'You've been wearing them'. No shit Sherlock, that's what they are meant for.

A treat this evening, I'm off out for a belated Mothers Day meal with DD Helen, it will be a nice change.

Someone posted a comment on a forum that really touched me, he said 'I can think of lots of reasons you'd be useful if TSHTF (and not just boosting morale) you've a knack of finding a way through troubles and finding the resolve to implement it and generally manage to find a positive in doing so.'

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AKM Evans said...

Have a look at yours clothing on line. But may be too big in sizes for you.


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