Thursday, 24 March 2016

Where are the bees

My stress hives are getting bigger and joining together to make big hives, I shall soon be able to keep bees in them.

I think I could win a prize for the world's tightest grandma, I found Easter eggs today for £1, and because I bought 12 I only paid for 10.
They are only small but the kids get lots of eggs each so they only need a token one from me.

As it's the last day of term the staff room fridge was emptied, there were two unopened 6 pint bottles of milk in there. There was also a box of chocolate biscuits left over from an event earlier this week. The bursar said 'Would you DGC use these?'.
'I'm sure they would' I replied and so I popped into DD to give her the goodies.

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do my homework said...

It's sometimes just to much. All those little problems make a stressful mood.

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