Monday, 28 March 2016

Spring Cleaning

I did a thorough spring clean of the living room today.
I got rid of all the cobwebs and wiped over the mirror and picture frames.
I cleaned the French doors inside and out, washed down all the paintwork and dragged out all the furniture.
The floor was steam cleaned, I even dragged the very heavy TV stand out and cleaned behind it.
The only thing I didn't move (because it's far too heavy) was the fish tank, but I did get behind it with a damp cloth.
I sorted out my yarn corner, decided what colours to use next and took the rest upstairs into my craft room.
I have a small pile of paperwork to sort through and then it's finished.
My poor L&M found it all quite exhausting, he hid in his study and played FreeCell until it was all over.
I also cooked roast lamb with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, stuffing balls, Yorkshire puds, peas, kale and carrot and swede mash.


Sheila said...

Sounds like you are back on top form Hester.
I'll be glad when I feel more like meself again so I can get started on my spring cleaning-x-

Anonymous said...

Finally got my mojo back and have spent two days so far decluttering and cleaning the kitchen. Only the dreaded low level units to do now and the two sets of drawers-goodness knows what I'll uncover in there!! Catriona

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - THAT was certainly a wonderful meal!
I've also been in Spring cleaning mode - much of my apt. has already been done but I've been meaning to get down to the basement and clear out my storage locker. I've already sorted through and repacked (in plastic bins) all the Christmas decorations - now I'm going through the other boxes which are mainly full of decor and kitchen/dining items - most of these are being donated to a church bizarre. I'll be glad when its all finished.

kelley said...

I've been entertaining my two cats lately with all my cleaning...tired of having so much good meal here afterward though...

TrishWish said...

Me too! Lounge cleaned thoroughly in all corners. Give me a couple of days to recover and then going to do bedroom next. Then its the kitchen! Love a spring clean.

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