Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Oh I am mean

I was awake for three hours last night, at one point I realised that my hands were so dry they were rustling.
So I reached for the pump action bottle of hand cream I keep on the bedside table.
I cupped my hand under the nozzle and pressed down on the pump.
Unfortunately I didn't put on the light so I was doing this in the light of the TV, I watched as a stream of hand cream arched away from me and on to my L&M's arm.
He immediately stirred, I immediately feigned sleep.
'Eurgh, wassat' he groaned.
I kept very quiet and lay very still.
He nudged me, 'I'm all wet' he complained.
'You mean you've wet the bed?' I asked innocently.
'NO, of course not, my arm is all sticky'
I reached out and scooped up an much hand cream as I could and rubbed my hands together.
'Maybe you had a wet dream' I suggested.
'I'm wet outside the covers and I think I'd know if I had' he grumbled.
'Well I can't feel anything wet' I replied, hurriedly rubbing the hand cream into my arm.
'You probably dreamt it' I reassured him.


kathy said...

Oh my sides! I haven't laughed so much in ages. You naughty girl - I love it.
Kathy x

cheryl soergel said...

You are too much. Did you ever tell your LM what happened? Cheryl

Marlene jones said...

Still laughing, you are so funny, how do you get away with it.

crafty cat corner said...

So funny, had me chuckling here.

galant said...

This really made me laugh. So much so I had to read it to His Nibs sitting next to me at his computer and we both had a good laugh. Thank you for that!
Margaret P

Kim said...

Hahaha love it!!

TrishWish said...

Oh you naughty girl! LOL

Sharon said...

LOL! That's so funny!

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