Sunday, 28 February 2016


These are the squares I've made for my blanket, I need to do an extra row or two on each as they are all different sizes. They are all done using Stylecraft DK, all on the same hook and the centre two rounds are all the same size, so it isn't a tension problem. It's the other colours, they vary a lot in thickness, they feel different to work with.
I'm not bothered by the assorted sizes as I usually work with oddments of yarn and it happens a lot.
But, what colour shall I use to edge and join them, any suggestions?


plantpot said...

how about white a netural colour ive got blankets done like that by my gran works well

Barbara Anne said...

A friend in college made a similar knitted blanket and used black between the blocks. The resulting blanket was beautiful and quite striking.

Wishing you well!

Marlene jones said...

I would go with cream

Lyssa Medana said...

My mother always used black and it looked like a stained glass window x

keth said...

I would go with yellow. you've got that colour in the centre of all of these, so it will unite them all, and provide the linkage. If not that, then black, as others have said.

good luck!

Sal in Linc's. said...

Black would be striking but I guess it would depend who it is for.