Sunday, 7 February 2016

Comments and a catchup

I am now completely recovered from my cold and it doesn't seem to have left me with a cough
fortunately, my L&M managed to escape catching it.

Anna, sorry to hear you were also married to a bully.

Trishwish, I always have a silly grin on my face, I find it the best way to worry people.

Thank you for all your kind comments about DD losing the house, she is moving into a rented house in a couple of weeks, she and SIL are hiring a van and moving themselves over a few days. WS, she loved your comment about fleas. Unfortunately the contracts were signed but the seller didn't exchange though DD thought they had been.

I've found a solicitor who is happy to act for me with regards to chasing my ex for more money. I have a list of documentation to find and then we will go over it together to see what can be achieved and for how much money. I will make an appointment for half term.

On googling the phrase it seems that 'Bent as a nine bob note' was used in the 50's to describe someone who was gay. Angela, I loved the comment about going straight.

I had an extra blitz on the housework yesterday to make up for everything I didn't do last weekend. Today has been a lazy day as I babysat last night until 12:30. the children were very good so I sat and crocheted with the dog on my knee.

I'm now off to the kitchen to make a batch of jam and a banana loaf, to use up some leftovers.
Boozy jam made, I made 7 jars in total, but gave one away immediately

My L&M doesn't want a roast dinner today, he wants burger in a bun, who am I to quibble, it's an easy meal.

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Anonymous said...

I love your nice to chat to your commenters hope things work out for you with the money and you dd house situation

all the best tessa


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