Saturday, 13 February 2016


It's been between 3 and 4 degrees here all day, and it's rained, all day.

Still, I've kept busy, I collected DGD Eileen from school yesterday and then took her to dance yesterday, I swapped Eileen for Norah at 6:30.
We collected my L&M from work at 8, got Norah into bed by 8:30 and she was asleep in 10 minutes as she is usually asleep by 7ish.

We got up at 7 this morning, had breakfast and then took my L&M at work, it wasn't his shift but one of his team had a family problem and couldn't work this morning.
After dropping him off at 8:25, I drove to DD2's collected her, dropped her at work for 9.
Norah and I then went to the butchers to buy 6 Beef Wellington, I also got some cooked ham, burgers & bacon.
We went to the bakers to get some soft rolls and local Co-op, I bought the £5 deal for DD1 as she doesn't have a Co-op anywhere near where she lives.
I dropped 2 Beef Wellington to SIL for him and DD2, she'd left her phone and keys at home so I took those back to her.

I was going to drive over to DD1's with the freezer food and 2 Beef Wellington, but she phoned to say she was coming over this way so would drop in.

Norah and I got home just before 10 I made up my L&M's packed lunch and took it up to him, Norah and I came home and did some sewing, she likes to make clothes and bedding for her toys.

At 10:20 SIL phoned and asked if I could look after Suzy, she is 15 months old and he was coaching DGS's football team and it was too cold and wet to take her with him.

DD1 arrived at 10:30 with Molly who is 10, Neal 9 and her 18 month old twins. SIL arrived at 11 with Suzy. We did some more sewing/crafting, I managed to do three loads of washing and cleaned the cooker and I did a picnic lunch.
DD1 collected my L&M at 2, she left at about 3ish and SIL collected Norah and Suzy at 3:30ish.

I did burgers in buns for tea and I've chilled on the sofa with my crochet since then!


Lyssa Medana said...

I am impressed - I would have been on the floor by the end of that - though the kids sound lovely. x

Anonymous said...

Hester, I am out of breath just reading about it.

Marie xx

Sue in Suffolk said...

It's all go at your place!

Anonymous said...

Wears me out just reading about it! I'm afraid I would get the drop offs and pickups confused and no one would get fed!, Joyce

Anonymous said...

Hope you are now on half term after that! Catriona

Linda Metcalf said...

I'm wore out just reading this! You're a good mom and grandmom!


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