Sunday, 21 February 2016

Food for the soul

I love the drive to DD's house and today will be the last time I do it for a while.

I love the windy, twisty roads, today the banks were covered in snowdrops, there were yellow and purple crocus around the base of the trees by the bus stop. Daffodils in groups nodding in front of the church and even a few patches of primroses in sheltered spots.

All this with classical music playing on the radio is bliss.

It is less blissful when hubby is in the car, I always drive too slowly, apart from when I drive to fast. I always drive in the gutter, apart from when there is oncoming traffic and then it seems I'm driving in the middle of the road. Potholes? I drive straight into them, unless I try and avoid them, in which case I'm weaving all over the road like a maniac. Oh and don't get me started on roadside puddles!


crafty cat corner said...

Know how you feel, several times I've felt like getting out and leaving him to it. lol
Of course when he does anything wrong its okay.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I'm informed that I'm only being criticised to make me a better driver in future!!! After all I've only been driving for 40 years!

Linda Metcalf said...

I know your pain with the driving...with him holding the dash the whole time!


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