Thursday, 25 February 2016

A phone call

Ring ring

'Hello, is that Hester?'


'Hi. my name is John and I'm phoning from your mobile phone provider. Today we have a very special offer, it's only for certain very good customers. Today we can offer you an extra phone, top of the range, for only an extra £5 a month. When would you like to receive the new phone?'

'I don't want an extra phone, I already have 2 phones (mine and hubby's are both in my name) and I only have 2 ears so I wouldn't be able to use a third one.'

A few moments stunned silence...........

'Ok, well how would you like both your phones upgraded to blah de blah, and all the pictures and web sites you view will be in high definition'

'My husband is blind in one eye and I have cataracts, we don't have high definition vision, so I think high definition pics would be wasted on us'

A few longer moments of stunned silence................

'I see, well we could offer you free roaming so you can make calls when you are abroad and....'

'I'm sorry, we neither of us have a passport, so we aren't likely to be going abroad'

Slightly hysterical laughter............

'Well thank you madam, enjoy the rest of your evening, goodbye'


markdebby said...

You are so funny. You would brighten anyone's day xx

crafty cat corner said...

I usually try to turn the tables on these people by asking them how their day is going etc, they get quite flummoxed in the end.
so good to find others who don't own a passport, people thing we are neanderthals when we tell them that we have no passports and have not ever been out of the u.k.

Frugal in Bucks said...

Ha ha ha. i use true caller and never had a cold call since.

Corrina said...

Brilliant blog! xx

justjill said...

How I wish I could deal with such a call in this way. Hilarious.

Marlene jones said...

Brilliant call handling, let's beat them at their own game and waste some of their time as well.

Sheila said...

I had a similar call the other day but regarding a Dyson vacuum cleaner which made quite a change from the PPI/Accident calls. The woman was quite affronted that I had never owned a Dyson and would never purchase one so would not be needing their servicing plan.