Monday, 8 February 2016

Reeling in the tether

As Sheila commented a few posts ago, I am reaching the end of my tether.
I took some time to light a candle and hold some palm and thumb stones.
Trying to find some inner calm, I felt better for a while.
I'm just waiting for the next storm whether it be an emotional storm or a weather storm, time will tell.


Marlene jones said...

Thinking of you, your blog family means you are never alone. xxx

Anonymous said...

Please look after yourself Hester, and take some time for yourself.

After all that has happened you must be running on fumes now.

Marie xx

jill said...

You are a good person and deserve peace, calm and happiness....take care of yourself.

There is an incredible amount on your plate. Even though it seems that everything needs your attention is there anything that you can cut loose...despite how it may appear at first glance? Sometimes what appears to be selfish is really self preservation.

I hope something breaks for you very soon.

markdebby said...

Thinking of you.

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