Wednesday, 16 March 2016


 A 6th former came to my room today.
'I've come for my printing'
'Sorry I don't have it'
Long suffering sigh, as I'm obviously stupid.
She spoke slowly and clearly 'Do you have a colour printer?'
'Yes' I pointed to the colour printer.
Another long suffering sigh 'Well my printing is on there, I've come to collect it. Mr Drake sent me'
'Do you have Mr's Drakes print card?' I asked.
Another long suffering sigh, she is by now fed up with dealing with an idiot. 'Mr Drake sent my printing to this printer and I've come to collect it'
'Well Mr Drake should have given you his print card as I cannot release print jobs without the card'
By now she is in a complete strop, I'm obviously stupid and difficult and she storms out of my room.
Twenty minutes later she shamefacedly reappears in my room, with the print card, I release her printing and send her on her way!
Now I know that most students are very IT literate and some older people aren't, but I do know how to do my job and she is now aware of that fact.

Hubby walked  into the kitchen, he pointed to the lump of frozen something sitting on the draining board. 'What's that'
'Tea' I replied.
'What's for tea?' he asked patiently.
'Fuck knows' I replied 'whatever that is once it's defrosted.'
It was liver and it was lovely cooked with bacon and onion gravy and mash.


crafty cat corner said...

I have that trouble with stuff in the freezer, I should label everything but I don't and we often have a surprise, ha ha

kathy said...

We have that problem too, makes a bit of interest though. It reminds me of Arkwright in 'Open all Hours' he used to tahe the labels off his tins and would open what he thought was a tin of peas to find that it was a tin of peach slices, ha,ha!! xx

Frugal in Bucks said...

I nearly wet myself when I got to the " Fuck knows" I just wasn't expecting it and I snorted with laughter.

Marlene jones said...

Wash your mouth Hester, but you are funny xx

Sharon said...

LOL - love the dinner story!

markdebby said...

I'm sitting in Spain and my DH are sitting here laughing our heads off. You are so funny.


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