Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Work problems and one fat leg

When I put my boots on yesterday one of them was harder to zip up than the other.
I took the zip back down and examined my leg, it wasn't sore or hot and didn't appear swollen.
I zipped it up again and it was still hard to zip, so as not to exacerbate the problem I removed the boot and wore shoes to work.
Today I tried again, my leg hadn't troubled me at all yesterday so I thought it worth a go.
I pulled on my boots, raised the zip and same as before the zip on my left leg went up, no problem, the right one was definitely tighter, I took another look and this time realised that as my boots are slouch boots, the top edge was turned in and this was what was causing the problems, I didn't have a fat leg at all.

We had new copiers installed at work at the beginning of the school year. A make we had used years ago and found to be unreliable. I thought it was a bad decision at the time and said so. I made my feelings quite plain but was ignored.
We are now just over six months into our contract and the copiers are proving incredibly unreliable. To add insult to injury every time an engineer comes to repair a fault it is always suggested that the copiers are being incorrectly used. For example the paper is stored too close to them, or I'm putting too many copies through the machines. I've been asked to keep a log of all the faults, I was doing this anyway for my own benefit. Nothing will be done but I'm expecting work to become extremely stressful as it will be incredibly difficult to do my job with unreliable machinery.


crafty cat corner said...

Thanks for the laugh over the fat leg, that's just the kind of thing I would do. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - it's maddening isn't it? No one ever pays any attention to those of us have to actually use the damn things!

Patti said...

I am so sorry. That is really frustrating. I just don't understand that kind of management.

When I buy copiers or any equipment that we need, I ask the workers what they need. Then I narrow it down based on their needs and the reputation of the copiers who meet their needs. Then I take the workers who will use the copiers to a demo and let them choose. It is so easy and no one complains or has trouble using the equipment. The equipment lasts so much longer, because employees enjoy using it and take care of it. We lose 1 hour of productivity to choose the right equipment. Seems like a no brainier to me.

Marlene jones said...

That's the sort of thing I would do with boots, it did make me laugh. As for the copiers, saving money is not always the best, when they do not factor in the wasted time you spend working out how to get the copiers working.

TrishWish said...

Copiers in education? A nightmare. We had one that went wrong 3 to 4 times a week for months - like you the excuses were pathetic. You have it too close to the wall; the paper is upside down/damp/wrong copier paper; etc etc. Finally - "You use it too much". If we wanted a half ton anchor there were plenty on the historic dockside outside the office we didn't need one inside!

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