Thursday, 17 March 2016

Are we nearly there yet?

Well yes it seems we are, DD finally has a definitive diagnoses and a treatment plan.
There is no instant cure, it's a condition that need to be managed rather than cured, but fingers crossed we are nearly there now.


jill said...

what excellent news!
I found that just having a definitive name and treatment after such an exhaustive and ongoing medical marathon was quite a relief.
Here's hoping that she [and you] will be feeling more relaxed and hopeful very soon.

Anonymous said...

Thats good news Hester, and I am sure you will all feel better for having a name to it.

Your daughter can now access the help she needs. Not all illnesses can be cured, but if it can be managed then that is good.

Best wishes to your daughter

Marie xx

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

You must be really relieved. I hope you all have time to relax a bit now, especially you. You will meet yourself coming back one of these days.

Take care........

kelley said...

the uncertainty is terrible... so glad she can manage her illness and get on with her life...wishing her easier going from now on...hugs

Patti said...

What a relief for you all to finally know. I was quite ill for a few years before a diagnosis and it can be terrifying for all involved, I know.

The constant support from her mother was one of the gifts that got her there. Well done. said...

I hope it will go better an better very son! Just keep on and think positive!
Hugs to you.