Tuesday, 22 March 2016


I'm sure you all know what that means, Frequently Asked Questions.
I'm thinking of putting something similar up in my room at work, only mine will be titles SAQ.

Stupidly Asked Questions.
I know the saying 'There is no such thing as a stupid question but I get asked the same stupid questions every day and usually by the same stupid people.

Some people cannot be bothered to speak to our IT team about getting their copier card registered, instead they come in every day and whinge that they can't use the machines.
Every day they bitch and moan and everyday I tell them how to get their card sorted out.

The other ones are those who forget to specify which budget they want their printing charged to. Without this the document won't print, do they do it?
No they stand in my room swearing Buckle & Thong that they definitely set the budget.
They also bitch and moan, say it is the copiers fault, say it is my fault and ask where their document is.
Every day I say 'You need to specify the budget!!!'

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Rambler said...

While feeling sorry for you in having to cope with inane questions on a regular basis, I was intrigued by your use of the phrase 'Buckle and Thong'. I'd never heard it before and so I went to look in my 'Traditional English Phrases and Sayings' book.
It is there, but not quite in the same context as yours. I thought you might like to read what it says:-

Buckle and thongs [west Somerset north Devon] Lean, scraggy, empty, poor.
Bare buckle and thong Poverty-stricken; stripped of everything.
Bring/hold (bare) buckle and thong/tongue together Make ends meet.
Buckle and thong [1658] Closely, in close partnership; strictly restrained.

And now you've aroused my interest, I'm happily reading on for more traditional sayings and phrases!

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