Saturday, 18 June 2016

An unreserved apology

I owe my L&M an unreserved apology, how could I possibly accuse him of having 17 coats.

Of course he hasn't got 17 coats.

A) There is 21, not 17!
B) They aren't all coats, some are jackets and some are fleeces!

Allegedly that makes all the difference!

After a period of consultation he now has one coat and 5 fleeces, that's alright then.

The rest are being donated to a local homeless charity where people can go to shower, get a hot meal, a hair cut and a change of clothes.

He has also sorted out his shoes and some clothes.

He has numerous pairs of shoes that are uncomfortable to wear, investigation proves these shoes to be either size 7.5 or size 8.

When measured my beloved actually takes a size 8.5 wide fitting, no wonder his shoes are all uncomfortable.


Marlene jones said...

Come and sort my hubby out, he won't get rid of any of his clothes, some he has not worn for years.

galant said...

What a difference between your husband and mine. Mine has one Daks winter coat, a lovely single breasted dark charcoal grey wool one he bought more than 15 years ago (OK, it is a good one, it will outlive us!) He has a dark green waxed waterproof jacket (not a Barbour, but that type) and a black dark wool winter jacket. Then he has four sports jackets (two winter, two lighter ones, - the youngest is about three years old and is by Boss - but he's had the other three for over 18 years, but he buys good and they are classic except the Boss one, which is modern, with dark red wool on the underside of the collar with little tabs to match - and so don't 'date') and that's it! His fleece is paint-spattered and is used only for gardening/painting/decorating. He does have a Crew Clothing navy pull-over-the-head style fleece I've just remembered! That's a smart one for wearing with a sports shirt and Gant chinos. He has few clothes, and so do I. We buy good things when we buy what I call coats and shoes, and they go on forever. His shoes are also good ones, Alfred Sargeant, Loakes, and Anatomic. He has never yearned for lots of clothes, just the best we can afford for the few pieces he has. Shirts are by Gant (courtesy of our son who tends to buy him a shirt for birthday/Father's day/Christmas) or Brook Tavener. Pullovers (again from son) are Gant or Tommy Hilfigure. Underwear courtesy of Lidl's! They often have great cotton pants and singlet vests, and T-shirt vests for winter wear. He's better dressed than I am, fairly dapper for an 80 year old. His brother (older than him) gave him a pair of trousers that wouldn't fit him (the brother who is a bit porky) and my husband wore them as they were quite warm ones in winter, but they are so old-fashioned they've now gone to a charity shop. Brother-in-law doesn't seem to appreciate that there are fashions in trousers, just as in everything else, and a lot of elderly men do dress in what I call 'Horlicks coloured clothes' when they'd look better with a bit of colour. Well, style as we know is above fashion, but the trousers were bulky, too short, and too boring! Well done on refining your husband's wardrobe down!
Margaret P
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

You are a woman on a mission indeed. It's great that you are taking time to donate the unwanted items to appropriate places that will be able to make use of them. When we come back from our caravan break, I am going to go through the whole house and really declutter. You have inspired me-thank you. Catriona

crafty cat corner said...

I think there is always one thing that we all love to hoard. My youngest son is a coat man and my daughter is a shoe person. I just love wool, lol

galant said...

PS Yes, as Catriona says, I also now feel inspired to declutter. Your encouragement is better than any book by some tidy-upper (no names, no pack drill!)
Margaret P

Pam in Texas said...

Yes, I so agree with Margaret P. Your example is better than any book.
Good job, well done.
Best wishes,
Pam in Texas.xx

TrishWish said...

Gracious! There must be a big empty cupboard now! did you say you were aiming to downsize to a one bed house - that must seem more possible every day with all this stuff going! Well done.

Lyssa Medana said...

DH has one coat. He does have another jacket but really, deep down, he has one coat. It is a huge, heavy wool coat that he either wears or is in shirt sleeves. He has had it a few years, and it replaced (and is identical to) one that was twenty years old, and it will no doubt be replaced by another long, heavy, black wool coat.

It could be worse. Bear has eleventy ten coats and wears all of them.

You are impressive with the decluttering. x

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