Saturday, 18 June 2016

The sounds of joy

I love the sounds of joy and happiness.

Early in the morning I listen to the dawn chorus, later I watch the swallows flitting overhead, and I watch the kites swooping around with their high pitched cry.

Once the day wakes up properly I can hear.

The local church bells when someone gets married, even though they do go ding dong ding dong ding clunk.

The small plane that flies over head sometimes for over an hour doing loop the loops and other acrobatics.

The local kids screaming and yelling and kicking their football against my fence.

My L&M screaming at the TV willing Hamilton on to victory.

The giggles on Halloween when I open my door dressed as a witch, to the local children.

The neighbours cheering England on against Wales.

I don't care if it's something I don't enjoy, someone else is having fun.


Marlene jones said...

Simple joys are the best. I love to pop down the garden by my greenhouse, we have a small flowering hedge, and it's full of bee's, I love the buzz, I now am calling it bumble bee alley.

galant said...

What a lovely attitude - we can't or don't all enjoy the same things, but even when the kids are making a racket, they're having fun, and that is what childhood is about. Yes, simple things are often the best. I love the dawn chorus, but once the birdied have paired up, they tend to stop singing, don't they? What I love is to hear a blackbird in our walnut tree of a summer evening - there's nothing quite so lovely. Oh, as Marlene says, the buzz of bees!
Add ... the smell of newly cut grass, fresh coffee, a lavender hedge, peonies, sweet peas, a roast dinner almost ready for serving, newly laundered sheets brought in from the washing line, dried in the breeze, getting into a freshly made bed at night, hot chocolate by the fire on a winter's afternoon, waking to sunshine pouring through the window onto the bed and knowing we're both still alive (well, we are knocking on a bit!), a new magazine to read on a quiet afternoon, a new notebook before I've ruined it with my scrawl of handwriting, having my paperwork up to date, a new writing commission on a subject I enjoy where the research will be a pleasure not a chore, a frenzy of housework knowing how lovely the house will look afterwards (yes, there is even pleasure to had in housework - it makes our own environment so much nicer), a new bar of lovely quality soap in the shower room (my favourite right now is Roger & Gallet's Rose soap), a spritz of Hermes' Caleche (my all-time favourite perfume), collecting walnuts from our tree in the autumn, chilled mineral water in a cut glass tumbler for sipping if/when I wake during the night, and the chuckle of our little grandson when we make him laugh!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

Lovely sentiments,Hester
reading youre blog makes me happy,
and chuckle out loud.


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