Sunday, 19 June 2016

Rootling in the freezer

I haven't cooked a proper meal apart from at the weekends for the last two weeks as my beloved has been working the late shift.

I have pasta and rice in the cupboard and potatoes in the fridge, I also have plenty of veg a mix of tinned, frozen and fresh.

I have enough salad to make myself a few packed lunches, when the salad runs out I will take peanut butter sandwiches.

I've had a rootle in the freezer to see how little I can get away with spending next week or two. 

We had steak pie today and there are lamb chops for tomorrow with new potatoes.

In the freezer there is some salmon pieces, some white fish and some prawns, also a small lamb joint.

There are 2 pork chops, so they will do two meals for my L&M one this week, one next as I don't eat pork.

There are packs of cooked sliced meat, leftover from joints cooked previously, ham, turkey and beef.

Week one.
Fish pie, 
Pork chop for my L&M, leftover fish pie for me,
Ham, egg and chips, 
Roast turkey dinner, 
Spag bol using some cooked beef.

Saturday we will have a cooked breakfast and I will buy some nice rolls for lunch we probably won't want anything else, if we do, we will have egg on toast.

Sunday, cooked breakfast again and then roast lamb about 4ish.

Week two.
Beef in red wine,
Pork chop,
Fish in cheese sauce,
Pasta carbonara,
Ham, egg and chips.

This probably seems monotonous but my beloved is a very fussy eater so we tend to eat a lot of repetitive meals.


Rambler said...

I remember that feeling of being limited in what to cook; my former husband would have eaten egg, chips and beans every single day, even pushing a roast dinner away and asking for his favourite. He would never have coped with the wide range of foods that I enjoy these days - Indian, Chinese, Thai, and cooking with (to him) unknown and exotic foodstuffs from all over the world.

TrishWish said...

That is not monotonous at all! sounds very nice and its great to get the freezer cleared out. Good plan. I am varying my plans according to the bits and pieces coming in from the garden.

galant said...

Thankfully, husband eats whatever is put in front of him. Perhaps this is because he was a child during WW2 and therefore, when food was scarce and what there was was on ration, he was just hungry all the time and glad of almost anything, so now he eats everything and anything I cook. What is more, unlike a lot of men, he loves salads and doesn't expect to have meat and two veg with every meal, bless him. He's so easy to cater for and I know not all men are (or women, come to that!) Indeed, though, as TrishWish says, that is not monotonous at all and sounds very nice to me, too!
Margaret P


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