Saturday, 11 June 2016


So how am I doing with my plan?

Wednesday, Stray books, done and all in a small box.

Thursday, Wardrobes to be emptied, yes and one has been refilled but only with a couple of pairs of shoes so they aren't on the floor.

Friday, Bathroom cupboards to be emptied, missed this one completely and started on the study instead.

Weekend, Garden & Shed, all the rubbish has been binned and it's now easier to see what's what.

We have had no significant rain so far and I have got washing on the line.

The hall is full of boxes waiting to be taken places, the bins and recycling are full.

I'm putting my feet up for half an hour and drinking a pint of water.

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galant said...

Gold star for effort, girl!
I have a laudry-basket of things ready to take to a charity shop, but then, I have weeded over the years, the only place which needs going through is my Resources Cupboard and a cupboard under the water tanks, but that's a Big Effort as it's so low I have almost to crawl on the floor to reach the things stored away and which I've not looked at in more than 16 years.
Margaret P


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