Friday, 24 June 2016

Bad Grandma

First I bought my DGS a paintball gun!

Next my DGD's conned me in to getting their craft box down for them so by the time their mum got up the kitchen was covered in playdoh and glitter. Fortunately my daughter is like me and doesn't worry about clean mess.

This morning Eileen wanted to watch a youtube video, as we'd been playing 'Go Fish' since 5am I readily acquiesced.
I managed to find the song, I soon realised the lyrics, whilst being hysterically funny, were somewhat inappropriate. I decided to look for something else. Barbie, I thought, poisonous but innocuous. Then I spotted the Barbie Song by Aqua. Big mistake, the lyrics go 'Touch my hair, Kiss me everywhere'.
We finally settled on Coppelia, no words, just music and dance, phew.

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