Thursday, 30 June 2016

In and Out

Yesterday was pay day and it was in and out the bank account at great speed.

I paid my car tax and insurance yesterday evening, I sponsored my DGS for his Race for Life run, I paid two small bills and bang, that's this months wages gone.

There is still money in the joint account, I could have paid the bills earlier but didn't as they were not due.

But it just goes to show the money doesn't go far.

I have entered some writing competitions, not many as they cost money to enter, but nothing risked means nothing gained.

I'm allowing myself £10 a month competition money for a couple of months.


cumbrian said...

Yes, a bank account can seem like a bucket with a hole in it.

Tracey said...

Same for us honey, but we feel happy - as I know you do - that we have enough of the essentials and lots of the stuff that other folks don't seem to get. (If that's not being too suggestive!)

Anonymous said...

OOOh, what writing competitions are these, Hester ? Good luck to you.

We are downsizers too BTW and its made a world of difference.

Rambler said...

I hate those bills that come round every so often, so now I pay my car insurance, road tax, TV licence, gas & electricity monthly - so much easier to manage.
Good luck with the writing competitions.

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