Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Can't give them away

Videos and DVD's that is, I have a boxed set of the Sharpe DVD's, boxed set of Norman Wisdom and boxed set of Hornblower, I will take them to the charity shop on Friday, the rest will go in the bin.

I've drawn up a timetable as follows:-
Wednesday, Stray books (a small job as I'm out this evening)

Thursday Wardrobes to be emptied.

Friday Bathroom cupboards to be emptied

Weekend Garden & Shed

Monday Yarn, I have help to ensure I am ruthless.

Tuesday Kitchen.

Wednesday Study.

Thursday Claire from Lets get Sorted returns, I'm hoping we will be mopping up by then.


Fishcake_random said...

It's always good to have a plan!

50 and counting said...

Have you thought about calling nursing homes to see if they want the DVDs, technology isn't the most current in those places.

When I worked LTC, we loved getting donations of yarn/wool and surplus hooks and needles. Great for craft afternoons. And so many of those residents have so little spare money.

Lyssa Medana said...

May I also suggest any hospitals/hospices? I am in awe of your progress! x

Hard up Hester said...

Thank you I will ask, I hadn't thought of that .

Softstuff said...

Ooh Sharpe DVDs Hester! I didn't know charity shops took porn? :-P

Hard up Hester said...

Lol Softstuff, he was rather delectable in those wasn't he.

Softstuff said...

I do have a bit of a Sean Bean thing. Even now!

Hard up Hester said...

Well yes, I do too and he's only 9 years younger than me, so it's almost respectable to lust over him.

Softstuff said...

He's older than me, but his girlfriend is younger. I just don't think they make that many rough guys any more.

Hard up Hester said...

My hubby always refers to himself as my bit of rough


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