Monday, 6 June 2016

Onwards and upwards

Patti, LAC is 'looked after child' in other words a foster child.

It's been glorious here today again, I had hoped to hang washing on the line before I left for work this morning but it was not to be.

At 7pm yesterday I was just about to set the WM going, have a shower and have a last tidy round.

Then the phone rang, it was DD, her hubby needed to go to A&E with an ankle injury, could I watch the children. Of course I could, DD & SIL finally returned at 11:30.

I was in bed by 12 but no shower, no washing done & no tidying.

I was up at 5 as hubby was on the early shift today, he's on lates the rest of the week.

I collected DGS and took him to school, left work and came home to meet the declutterer, we did 3 hours together.

Hubby worked an 11 and a half hour day today, I did 10 hours, we are both worn out.

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Patti said...

Thanks for clarifying. I never would have gotten there alone!

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