Thursday, 9 June 2016

Did give them away

Thank you for the suggestion '50 and counting' I've just dropped a box of DVD's of at a local care home and they were delighted, especially with the Norman Wisdom ones as they specialise in dementia care.
They would also be grateful for any yarn, patterns and knitting needles, so I'll drop those of one day next week.

Thanks Lyssa, I did try the local hospital but they don't accept anything at all and the local hospice referred me to their charity shop, but said shop doesn't want DVD's.

Still they have gone to a good home and I hope they provide the residents with a few hours of entertainment.


galant said...

That is wonderful, that you've been able to offload your DVDs to a good home! Norman Wisdom will go down well those with dementia, I would think, bring back happy memories of his comedies from the 1950s. I remember going to see Trouble in Store with my Dad!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

That's a great outcome for upcycling unwanted items. Catriona

50 and counting said...

Happy to have been of assistance.

It's little things like a favourite programme or something to keep the hands busy that make the days more pleasant in those homes. I remember one resident who knit caps for the NICU's in the area hospitals. Didn't know where she was or what year it was but she could knit and many a preemie went home with her cap on their heads.

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