Thursday, 2 January 2014

Cheap meals this month

I have enough in the freezer to make at least 4 portions of each of the meals below and there also still some pork chops and some sliced cooked meat, some in gravy, some to be used in sandwiches. There is lots of cheese in the fridge, I shall grate up all the hard cheese scraps, the soft cheeses have a use by date of March. All this will last us the month, all I need to buy is bread, potatoes & milk.

1) Leek and potato soup, using leeks from the garden.

2) Turkey & Mushroom  pie, make a white sauce, add cooked mushrooms & turkey, top with pastry & serve with mashed potato, cabbage & gravy.

3) Any leftover pie filling can be added to cooked pasta, place in an ovenproof dish, sprinkle with breadcrumbs & grated cheese & cook til golden on top.

4) Spicy lentil soup, made with leftover lentil roast made for Tom's GF Christmas lunch.

5) Turkey soup/stew

6) Yorkshire puddings, small ones each with a couple of leftover pigs in blankets in.

7) Broccoli & Stilton soup.

8) Ham, egg & chips made with a few slices of ham.

9) Cheese & Potato pie, my L&M will have this with a couple of rashers of bacon, I'll eat it on it's own.

10) Meat loaf, made with a tube of sausage meat, some mince, half a packet of made stuffing or some breadcrumbs and a generous dollop of tomato puree of ketchup.

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and trying to absorb a year's worth of ideas,recipes and your life in one night.
I am paying off debt by feeding adult boys and husband on markdowns and spending nothing.
Will try your potato bacon hotpot tomorrow as that should fill them up.Your helpful blog has lifted me immensly tonight, life is not always easy with changing cicumstances but reading your blog feels like chatting with a friend.
Ruth - Australia

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