Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Visit

DGD Norah came home with us after gym club last night, we treated her to takeaway sausage & chips & she went to bed soon after she'd eaten. This morning we took my L&M to work, stopped at the local shop to buy crumpets for breakfast & then came home & after breakfast we played for a while. She helped me hang some washing on the maiden & carried some dirty cups out of the living room to load in the dishwasher. She also helped me straighten my bed & the bed she slept in.
At 12 I took her home & swapped her for her sister Eileen & bought Eileen home with me, As we were driving home I asked Eileen what she wanted for lunch 'Spaghetti hoops' she said, so I stopped at the local shop & purchased some spaghetti hoops, once home I asked if she wanted lunch, 'Yes please, tuna sandwich' Oh well, the spaghetti hoops can stay in the cupboard 'til her next visit,
I visited the local charity shop earlier in the week, I managed to get another 4 Horrible History books for DGS, he was very pleased.

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Lyssa Medana said...

The spaghetti hoops/tuna sandwich made me laugh out loud! WS xxx who has seen that too many times

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