Sunday, 19 January 2014

What a day!

Yesterday passed in a blur, what was meant to be a day of gentle housework, some pottering about & some knitting soon turned chaotic.
My L&M received a phone call about 11:30 from an old school friend. He & his girlfriend would be coming over for a light lunch about 1ish. I had a scrummage in the fridge and came up with a menu. I went to the local bakers to buy a nice loaf, my L&M picked some leeks from the garden. I made a pan of Leek & Potato soup, a bowl of salad & opened the cheese board left over from Christmas.
The visitors arrived, looked at the table & then announced that they only eat healthy food, they aren't eating potatoes so the soup was no good & they aren't eating bread because of their healthy eating kick, but didn't want salad as it's too cold for salad!
I just love it when people lecture me about a healthy diet, complain about what I serve & drink 3 bottles of wine between the 2 of them.
After they left I froze bread, my L&M & I ate the soup, the cheese went back in the fridge & I was intending to make the salad into a soup as well. 

I sat down to do some knitting & my phone rang, DD Lizzie needed to go to hospital, she'd been unwell all day but didn't want to miss work so had struggled through. She's made an appointment at the walk in clinic for 6 o'clock, we were 10 minutes late as it took us over an hour to do a 20 minute journey, but we got their eventually. At 9:30 they decided to admit her & I returned to my car, parking cost me £11.94, £6.94 for me & £5 for a mum who'd been at the walk in clinic with us, her toddler had fitted & she'd been scared, rushed him to hospital & only had £2.80 in her purse & couldn't get her car out of the car park!
By the time I arrived home my ankles were the size of footballs, fortunately they had gone down by this morning as I have the DGC today whilst SIL goes to hospital to be with Lizzie.


dreamer said...

Ungrateful guests! No matter what health kick I was on if someone had gone to the trouble of making a lovely thoughtful home made meal for me I would have eaten it and been very thankful for their effort.
I hope your daughter is okay and that you got a lovely warm glow after helping the young mum in the car park. I love hearing about little kindnesses like that xx

frugal freesia said...

What they really meant was they were coming for a liquid lunch lol. How rude. I take it they wont be welcome again :)

Sorry to hear about your daughter, hope it's nothing serious.

Linda Metcalf said...

The gall of some people! I'd have told them to go pick up what they "do" eat if they plan to come back! How rude! Hope the hospital stay isn't too long and that you have a better day...

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I'm guessing they are not invited again.
Hope all is OK With your daughter.

Pam said...

How rude!! My parents always taught me that when I was in someone else's house, I had to eat whatever they dished up, whether I liked it or not. I still follow that rule today as it just seems the considerate thing to do. And if you have allergies/intolerances, you should let your host know beforehand.

Pam said...

Hey Ho, write it off and file under R for Rubbish, most of us know people like that, rude and ungracious. Luckily we have the right to never see them again. I once threw my Brother in Law out of my home when he whined that he wanted to put a beautiful roast beef dinner into a sandwich with tomato sauce as "that's the only way I like it". I scooped his dinner into a plastic bag and threw it at him. My sister and the children stayed and enjoyed their dinner.

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

What isn't healthy about that menu ?! There should have been something there they could eat.
How rude is that!
Hope your daughter is okay

lynda said...

It sounds like they invited themselves for a meal and then were very rude after all the trouble you went to. I hope they are NOT invited back...wishing good health to your daughter. I am SO glad to have found your new blog!

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Ungrateful Sods.
Hope Lizzie is ok.

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