Monday, 6 January 2014

Men & Meat loaf

I served up the meatloaf.
L&M 'What this?'
Me 'Meatloaf'
L&M 'What's in it' poking it suspiciously.
Me 'Minced beef & sausage meat'
L&M 'Can't we just have cottage pie, I like cottage pie'
Me 'Ok' thinking I'll mash up the other portion of the meat loaf & top it with mash.
L&M starts eating and after a few minutes says 'This is really nice, I didn't think I'd like it but I do'.



Lyssa Medana said...

DH's family story. His uncle - this soup is really nice, what is it? Aunt - it's oxtail. Uncle - oh, no! You know I don't like oxtail. Men! (also, when in doubt, lie) WS xxx

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto

Some days all you can do is grit your teeth - and then sigh. :-)

AlisonB43 said...

Yep, mine would do that!!

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