Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I would do anything for love

Or would I?
I would sell my body to feed my children, though these days I could only sell it to medical science & I'd probably only get 50p.
What bought this on?
A discussion with someone about working from home, she claims she has a job that she is giving up soon & asked if I'd be interested in applying for it.
Allegedly she works for one of the online gaming companies, she gambles online every day & her job is to attract and befriend  new gamblers & to encourage disheartened gamblers to keep on trying & therefore losing even more money.
Now I'm not sure if she is a fantasist, does this job even exist?
Even if the job does exist , I couldn't do it, maybe if I still had children at home I'd feel differently, but as things stand I couldn't encourage someone to gamble, to lose money, to risk their family life etc just to receive a wage.


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I hope this isn't a real job, but in this weird world we live in I expect it is

50 and counting said...

It probably is a real job.

It all comes down to your own personal values.

I couldn't do it either

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