Saturday, 11 January 2014

Visit part 2

Nothing concentrates the mind more efficiently when in a queue than the small voice that says 'Nana, I need the toilet', We're 8th in the queue, I'm unsure just how good her advance warning system is as she's only 2 & 3/4s. Do we abandon the tin of spaghetti hoops & head for the car, or do we hope for the best & carry on queuing? She's wearing wellies so they may manage to contain any spillage & she's adamant that only spaghetti hoops will do for lunch. We risk it & make it home and to the toilet without mishap, I open the tin of hoops and warm some up and make some toast to go with them. She emerges from the toilet, shows me her hands that she has washed. 'Here's your lunch' I say. 'My want tuna sandwich' she announces!


Katy said...

oh what a cutie! gorgeous :)

frugal freesia said...

She sounds gorgeous. It's the best age.

Lyssa Medana said...

Such a lovely character! What a cutie WS xxx