Thursday, 16 January 2014

Financial planning

Sounds posh doesn't it?
It's not, it's just me working out what I need to do if my request for reduced hours is met.
I've applied to draw my pension, but as far as I can see, I will still be earning £42 a month less than I am now. This isn't a huge amount I know, but it's a lot when we are already on a tight budget.
I'm putting £5 a week into my savings account & all my spare change into a tin, this will be for Christmas.
As soon as I've knitted some baby cardigans for Helen I'll crochet some more blankets & hope they sell.
I shall still put money in my milk envelope & my egg envelope on payday & I'm having my pension paid in to a different account to the one my wages go into, in the hope that some of it can be saved.


50 and counting said...

Have you factored in reduced travelling expenses?

I will never reach full pension at my job because I retrained when my children started school and was only able to work part time due to my husbands job. I also face the joy of having to wait until I'm 67 to be able to draw the government old age pension.

As it stands today my pension is worth $120/month. Not even what I earn in one shift.

keth said...

I would also say: are you factoring in that you'll have more spare time? I found that when I was not doing anything at all (no work or anything) and was cash poor but time rich, I had the time to go around the supermarket and calculate the best bargain, time to grow stuff, etc... but now I'm an undergraduate its a case of chuck stuff into the trolley and hope for the best, cos time is SUCH an issue. I know you'll be doing a lot of the kind of stuff I described already, but with having more time available to you, you may be able to do more to save money, and that, combined with the reduced travelling expenses, may help to offset some of that £42.

Also, I'm slightly confused as to whether you've actually reached official pensionable age yet - if so, don't forget you can save on things like the TV licence and stuff.

Snitty Kitty said...

I reached pension age last summer, I get free prescriptions a bus pass but TV license concession starts at age 74. I'm hoping the extra time will help me in some way apart from just resting more.

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