Sunday, 5 January 2014


Meatloaf for dinner today with yorkies, cabbage & carrots from the garden and gravy. I also have some leftover mash, but if my L&M wants roasties I'll do some & use the mash to make a cottage pie for tomorrow's dinner.
I am taking a portion of HM soup to work tomorrow for my lunch, I must remember to take the mugs with me too, if we aren't allowed to keep mugs in the cupboard I'll drop them off at the charity shop and just take one of mine in to eat my soup from.
The egg lady will be here today, £3.80 for 20, not cheap, but lovely big eggs, I have the correct money ready for when she arrives. The egg lady visits every 2 weeks, so 10 eggs a week is plenty but I'm careful to count the days/eggs left before I use any. Next week my L&M is on late shift so won't want an evening meal & I have either a boiled egg & soldiers or a poached egg on toast for my tea most nights. If I run out of eggs I shall have mashed sardines on toast 34p a tin in Mr T's & a third to half a tin is ample, or if I have and leftover mash I can make fishcakes with them.
I found another unwanted recipe book when I was tidying the study, so I've listed it on Amazon, I hope it sells, it's only a £5 but it all helps.
I need to have my hair cut one day this week it is growing fast, but still very fine & flyaway, I shall keep having it cut until all the blond has gone & I'll settle for being grey now it is so light. I've found a 'walk in' hairdressers and it will only cost £12 & I am saving £5 every 6 weeks on hair dye.

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bbarna said...

I stopped dying my hair two years ago. It was well over 50% light grey, so it took the dye in a very strange way. I just got it cut short and let it grow out. I love it now. Cheaper, much more healthy looking and easy to take care of. I have grown it long with a fringe and I can wear it up or down.
Barb from Canada

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