Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day 2 & still nothing achieved

Day one of the holidays, lazy start as my L&M didn't have to be at work 'til 10, my plan was to get the sewing machine out after I'd dropped him off. It wasn't to be. DD Lizzie rang, she had a Dr's appointment at 10:40, so I drove to hers after leaving my L&M at work, I stayed with her children & she drove to the Dr's. The Dr sent her to the hospital for a blood test so I returned to my house with the DGC's Mark, Norah & Eileen, we did some arts & crafts, made a loaf of bread & some muffins. Lizzie went to the hospital for the test, she then returned to my house to await the test results, there was a problem with the results & she finally left my house about 5ish. By the time I'd cleared up & got a meal ready for my L&M it was too late to get the sewing machine out.

Day two of the holidays, today my L&M is working 1 'til 10, Lizzie had been back in contact with the Dr's & the hospital & so I dropped my L&M at work, picked up Lizzie, Mark, Norah, Eileen plus mad dog, I dropped Norah & Eileen off with their other Grandparents, dropped Lizzie at hospital & brought Mark & mad dog home with me. Mark & I went to buy milk & bread, then we walked mad dog & bought Mark a magazine. We returned home, I did a few chores & Mark helped, the magazine kept Mark engrossed for most of the afternoon. SIL Carl arrived a few moments ago to collect Mark & mad dog, I could now get the sewing machine out but I'm too knackered, maybe tomorrow.

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