Saturday, 12 April 2014

Ebay, exercise & knickers

I've made another sale on eBay & so I decided to combine posting the item off with a little gentle exercise. I would walk to the post office. I set of and very shortly realised I didn't have walking knickers on, well you've heard of walking boots! I have walking & nonwalking knickers. Whats the difference I hear you ask? The knickers I was wearing were a size 18, I'm now a 14, gravity was working as gravity should. I managed to walk far enough to hide behind a large van, once there I removed the knickers & stuffed them in my handbag! I continued on to the post office without incident, but feeling the breeze a little more chilly than I expected. Fortunately I was wearing a straight skirt so no one was getting an unexpected eyeful.
On the walk home I thought I was going to earn some extra pocket money as a car slowed down and started to crawl along beside me. Now the quiet little village street I was walking along doesn't really lend itself to kerb crawlers. I eventually turned towards the car to find that the driver was lost & didn't know how to lower his window. He was trying to get to Sonning Common & according to his map he should be able to from where he was. A brief look at his map showed he was using an Ordnance Survey map & not a road map. The large wide road he was trying to find was in fact the river Thames, it would, no doubt have taken him to Sonning Common, but he would have got rather wet! 


Linda Metcalf said...

Hilarious post! I can just see it now!

Scarlet said...

I would have lost mine this morning while out walking if I hadn't been wearing jeans. By the time I got home they were right under my bum!

Angela said...

My friend refers to her @harvest Festival Knickers' - because she said, when she wears them , 'all is safely gathered in' !!

Anonymous said...

This happens to me when I am wearing jeans. I have lost quite a bit of weight so the jeans are baggy in the backside and if I am walking very far I can feel them rolling down.

Losing weight has it's hazzards as well as it's highlights.

Marie x

Paid in Chickens said...

Lol, you make me chuckle. I have had moments where I've grabbed yesterdays jeans off the bedroom floordrobe early in the morning and have found yesterdays pants roaming round inside the jeans leg while walking the dogs!

Thankfully no curb crawlers though!

Anonymous said...

Lol and what do ya know just when ya have no knickers on some guy wants directions

frugal freesia said...

What a hoot!!!
It's the way you tell em. (thought you might earn some extra money indeed lol)
I've had a similar problem and been glad I've had close fitting trousers on because the underwear has been down past my hips lol.