Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I have a few more items to list on eBay, one to take to the PO & I need to take some pics to add to the listings.
I have decided to sell my Remoska, I shall miss it but I really need the room, I've had it a long time but it still works perfectly, it's the large one with the deep pan & it has an inner rack, an inner pan & I have the instruction leaflet & a recipe book.
I just hope it sells, I've offered free local collection as it will be the easiest, but I will post it if I need too.


Paid in Chickens said...

I love my Remoska, hopefully you will get a few quid for it because when I was buying mine we looked at buying second hand first and they weren't a lot cheaper on Ebay than they were new in the shop.

They do take up a bit of room though don't they?

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

I love my Remoska too, I have room to store it so its ok, but I do agree they are bulky, I am not sure I would replace it though if it goes phut.

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