Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Right day, right time

Up early again today & back to the Doctors about my L&M heels & to get the results of his blood tests.
Blood test results all fine, he's in good condition for his age!
The problem with his heels is caused by spending 8 plus hours a day on his feet for the last umpteen years. It can be solved by buying something called Viscospot, the bad news? These seem to be £40 a pair, a pair consists of 2 heel supports for either the left or right food & not, as you'd expect, one for each foot. My L&M need them for both heels, ouch. The good news? I made enough money via eBay sales today to pay for these. Easy come, easy go.
The parsnip soup & soda bread was enjoyed by our guests, I'm very pleased as it only cost about a quid for the whole meal.
I've managed to get 2 loads of washing dried on the line & bottomed out both bathrooms. 
I just had salad for tea, I did a peppered steak baguette for my L&M.
I am spending the evening cutting out a couple of summer dresses & will start sewing them together tomorrow I hope.


markdebby said...

Sue, you could do all this stuff every day if retired :)
I would really hate to go to work now.

Snitty Kitty said...

I'd love to retire, but still have a mortgage to pay

frugal freesia said...

Loved your last post:)
And how lovely you bought the heel supports out of your ebay sales, it's fortunate your were able to make the stuff to sell otherwise that's quite a lump of money to come up with at short notice. Good for you:)

Lyssa Medana said...

Just so impressed you are making dresses. WS xxx

Linda Metcalf said...

Happy for you for the sales and helping hubby's heels....can't wait to see the dresses.


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