Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nother day doned

DGD Norah stayed the night last night, this morning we made cakes & some clothes for a teddy she made on a previous visit. While we were making the dolls clothes the sewing machine became unthreaded. My L&M was intrigued to see that I was able to rethread the needle despite not being able to see what I was doing. He kept asking me 'How can you do that? you can't see the needle or the hole in it' I don't really know how I do it, but eventually explained that it was a bit like having sex with the lights off, you can't see what you are doing but you still know what bit goes where!
We took Norah home just after lunch & went on to the garden center to buy some more compost. 
We need the compost as we are visiting Helen tomorrow & taking a mini greenhouse & some tomato & pepper plants to her, SIL, Ronnie  is cooking lunch for us all. we have a puzzle book for Neal & Molly, we'll give Josh £5 at 15 he's too old for a puzzle book.
When we returned home with the compost a neighbour was outside rodding the drain, it seems she had a blockage somewhere, my L&M donned his gloves & lent a hand, eventually the blockage was cleared. By this time it was getting near to my L&M's chiropodist appointment. 
He had a shower & we set off, he had his treatment for his onychogryphosis (rams horn toe nail) caused by nail bed damage, the chiropodist was also able to suggest a bottle rolling exercise to help with his plantar fasciitis and also recommend I massage his feet in the morning before he gets up. 
Now it's evening & I'm going to do a little sewing, I have 2 more dresses to cut out & some work to do on a quilt.


Lyssa Medana said...

When I first thread my sewing machine (sometime in June at the current rate) I will remember exactly what you said about threading a needle. Thank you, I will probably need the smile. WS xxx

Snitty Kitty said...

I wish you were nearer, I'd come round & help.

Angela said...

This made me smile too! I DO hope you didn't give DGD that explanation.
Using the predictive text on my phone meant that when MY offspring asked 'What are you doing today, Mum?', my reply came out as 'Sexing up the curtains' - Nokia obviously regard the words sew and sex as interchangeable!!

Snitty Kitty said...

Lol, ang, how funny, no I gave hubby the info after DGD had gone home

markdebby said...

Now massaging his feet before he gets up in the morning might give you L&M ideas.!!!!!!!

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