Saturday, 5 April 2014

End of term

What a week! On Tuesday our maths department had a meeting & decided that every student should have a revision booklet to take home for the holidays, upon hearing this some other departments decided to do the same. 
I produced 32000 sheets in 2 days & burnt out the mother board on one of the machines, I nearly burnt myself out too. My feet and ankles were swollen & my BP through the roof. Also, shock horror, I made a mistake on a print run of 25 booklets, black mark against my name. I was robust in my defence (well someone has to be) I said that with such a volume of printing done, one mistake was bloody good going. I will make no difference I know.

Hey ho, on to more interesting things, we went to the local carvery last night with my youngest son John, a belated Mothers day treat, John is a firefighter & the meal had to be fitted in around his & hubby's shift pattern, we had a lovely evening & it was nice to catch up with all his news.

I'm hoping to run round like a loony this weekend doing housework & then have time to do some sewing next week, the week after my L&M should be on holiday with me, but this is a bit up in the air at present as he is part of a team of 3 who work shifts & one member has given his notice in & has 21 days holiday to take before he leaves. My L&M may be asked to give up his holiday so there is cover.

 I was given these beautiful roses by a colleague who left on the last day of term, they were a thank you for the help I've given her over the last few years. Aren't they beautiful.

These are swapsies, my L&M took some tomato plants to work for a colleague & swapped them 2 lavender plants & 3 delphiniums, there is one tomato plant in with the box, it was surplus to requirements.


Paid in Chickens said...

I love the swaps box, excellent idea.

Linda Metcalf said...

I like the idea of swapping the plants. The roses are beautiful what a thoughtful gesture. Enjoy your time off!

frugal freesia said...

The flowers are lovely and the swapsies great.

What a week you've had.
You should probably try to take some time to unwind after the stress of your work which I guess will be getting into some sewing :)
It works for me aswell, as does crochet, knitting, gardening :)
Hope your L & M does get to have his holiday.

Snitty Kitty said...

I'm aiming for at least one stress free week of crafting.


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