Friday, 30 October 2015

Families who'd bloody have them

God give me strength, another evening of countless phone calls, text messages and stress.

We visited MIL this morning to find her crying with pain, she has painkillers at 6 am and at 9am the staff roll her to and fro to change her sheets. This causes her a great deal of pain yet she isn't given any more pain relief when she asked for it because the staff are too busy making beds.

I found a member of the nursing staff and queried this, she told me that MIL couldn't have any more pain relief in case she becomes addicted.
She's fecking dying, she has about 10 days to live, what does it matter if she becomes addicted!

I wandered around until I found the registrar who was on his rounds, I explained the situation to him  and he immediately wrote her up for increased pain  relief.

There may be a bed available early next week in the hospice for MIL, I sincerely hope so.

It now seems that FIL is getting more and more confused and sometimes forgets to pass on important information regarding MIL.

So hubby and BIL 4 have been updating each other and other extended family members so that everyone knows what's going on.

FIL now thinks we are talking about him behind his back.

We asked if he wanted a lift to see MIL and he replied 'Your services are no longer required'.


Life at Number 38 said...

Reading about the painkillers has just brought it all back. I know exactly what you mean, does it really matter what they have as long as it helps them, the outcome is inevitable at this stage and everybody knows it. The only conclusion I came to is nobody actually wants to be the one responsible for giving the extra dose in case it's the one that sends them over. Glad you found a decent registrar with some common sense. I did chuckle at your FIL response. xx

Anonymous said...

Reminds of the time a friend's father was dying of brain cancer. My friend finally screamed " what the hell, do you think he's going to go out and rob someplace to get his next fix? The man cannot even get out of bed!" Pop got his pain meds.

Primroses Attic said...

I am so sorry for all your extra stress at this time. Such stupid people,I can understand how mad you are. I remember my nan in hospital and a member of staff
shouting at her when she was at the end, but the nurse came unstuck because I was talking to my nan on the phone and heard everything...I really hope the pain is controlled and moved to a hospice where they do everything in a more caring way.
Hugs Rosezeeta x

Angela said...

Praying that a hospice place is available soon xx

Carol said...

It sounds like you poor FIL might not coping very well with all that is going on. Perhaps he could do with a little TLC. Hope a bed comes available very soon at the hospice.
Best wishes.

Marlene jones said...

I know how you feel, when both my brothers died, family members ie mainly my sister, caused far more suffering with their interfering. It a hard time all round. Hope MIL gets her bed in the hospice, she must not be in pain.

Lyssa Medana said...

Family feud still explosive here and father died in July. Sending massive hugs, and on behalf of your MIL, thank you for being there. xxx

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