Sunday, 4 October 2015

The cat crept into the crypt

crapped and crept out again.

I remember my father teaching me this tongue twister many years ago. It came to mind on Friday when I went round to feed DS's cats.

Although I am by nature a nosey parker I would never pry when I'm in someone else's house.
Therefore I hadn't gone upstairs in the two weeks I have been feeding the cats.

On Friday I took my DGS with me, he went upstairs to look for the cats.
He called down 'Nana, one of the cats has poohed in the bath'.

Oh boy, had they, not just in the bath but on the towel and bath mat that had been left on the side of the bath and pulled in.

I bought the towel and bath mat home and put them through the washing machine, twice. DS may not want them back, but I had to try.

I removed the cat pooh and scrubbed the bath, I let DS and his GF know and assured them that I had cleaned the litter tray regularly, I wouldn't want them to think I hadn't taken proper care of the cats.

I need not have worried, it seems one of the cats does this occasionally, probably as a punishment for being left!

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