Friday, 23 October 2015

Get Well Card

DGD has made a card for MIL, we will take it over with us tomorrow when we visit.
DGD got out the paper and felt tips, asked for information regarding MIL's favourite colours & choice of flowers. 
She spent some time drawing and colouring in the card and then came to show me.
'I haven't written  Get Well Soon, as I know she's going to die soon. So I've written Feel Better Soon, I hope that's ok'
I assured her that it was a lovely thing to write and we have put the card in an envelope to take with us tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a caring granddaughter you have. May your MIL not be in pain. Cheryl

Carol said...

How very thoughtful of your DGD. Hope MIL is comfortable.

Marlene jones said...

It's amazing how clear children see things, hope the visit goes well, and MIL is comfortable.

Linda Metcalf said...

Aren't the wee people amazing? I had to go blood letting at the clinic on Thursday and as we are babysitting the great granddaughter she HAD to go along. When leaving she saw a couple coning down the hallway and said "Look grandma she has white hair like you!" We all laughed....from the mouths of babes.....

Anonymous said...

What a lovely young girl, so caring, and children always see it as it is.

I hope MIL is as comfortable as possible

Marie x