Saturday, 24 October 2015


FIL phoned yesterday & asked if I would be able to buy MIL 3 new nightdresses from M&S, as we were visiting her this afternoon I went to M&S this morning.
I took DGD with me, we dropped hubby at work at 7:30 and we were in town by 8 and in M&S just after.
I decided to do my own shopping at the same time so we went upstairs to the lingerie department, I bought 3 nightdresses for MIL & 3 bras for me, DGD was a great help looking for the correct sizes, her eyesight is better than mine.
I treated her to breakfast in the M&S cafe, we both had a croissant, I had tea, she had fruit juice.
As we left the cafe we walked through the children's department where DGD saw a fur gilet that she liked so I bought it for her.
We then went downstairs where I bought a new coat, gloves and a cardigan. I needed a bag and another cardigan so we went to Primark where I managed to buy the last items I wanted.
DGD did ask why I needed a new coat, I told her I hadn't had a new coat in 25 years, I had always had other people's cast offs.
We were on the bus back home just after 9:30 and I dropped DGD back home.
I collected hubby when he finished work and we did the 90 minute drive to visit MIL, spent time with her then met up with FIL & BIL4. 

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