Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What's worse than stupid.

As I've said before, I struggle with stupid, I try to be patient as I understand that there isn't a cure for stupid.
Unfortunately, at work I am occasionally cursed with the self opinionated stupid.
Today I was treated to a petulant temper tantrum by someone trying to make a machine do the impossible.
After 3 attempts to explain that the 2 contradictory requests wouldn't work and getting my head bitten off, I left the room and took an early lunch.
Whilst on the subject of stupid, an acquaintance has been summoned to court, in Leeds, for non-payment of credit card fees.
He's not bothering to attend as it is a mistake.
He was struggling to pay his credit card bill as the card was maxed out and he couldn't make anything more than the minimum payment so the balance wasn't reducing. 
Someone advised him to do a credit transfer to a zero % card as this would reduce his costs.
He did as was suggested and he believes that as he is paying zero % interest he doesn't need to make any payments on the card as the interest is zero, therefore there is nothing to pay!


Lyssa Medana said...

He isn't alone in this sort of 'ignore the court' stupid. Some people should come with a warning. WS xxx

Mim said...

In my experience people like this are often managers who have been promoted to get them out of harms way!!!!!

And he is allowed to vote!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring court, well at least we might see them on the telly

Life at Number 38 said...

If it wasn't so sad that the person really didn't think they had to pay anything it would be funny. Actually, ignore that, it is really funny. xx

Mac n' Janet said...

You're right you can't fix stupid and oh it's painful sometimes to listen to them.

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