Sunday, 4 October 2015

What's wrong with hard work Part 2

So what started my rant about hard work?

A few things actually:-

A friend's wife announcing that she's gone on the sick as she is pregnant and is planning on staying on it until her maternity leave kicks in.

A colleague bewailing her son's unlikelihood of ever owning his own home, he only works 15 hours a week. It seems life isn't treating him fairly for although he has been offered full time work, it's not his dream job. His dream job is one he isn't prepared to train for.

A neighbour complaining that 15 hours a week is too many hours for her to be expected to work as she is nearly 50.

A colleague panicking about Christmas as they are already drowning in debt because his wife is entitled to the best of everything. Between them they only work 30 hours a week.

I don't care how many hours people work, I only work a 30 hour week myself now, but I don't keep on about how skint I am. If I was broke I'd work more hours!


Marlene jones said...

Good post, so many people want so much, but can't see they need to work for it, nothing in our world is free.

Moira said...

There is no such thing as a free lunch

Tracey said...

Hear, hear! If people need something or 'want' it then they should be prepared - as you were - to blinking work for it!
Too many people seem to think life should be handed on a silver platter and when it isn't they moan loudly about how 'unfair' life is.

kathy said...

If people want these 'things' they should work for them. It always surprises me when many youngsters setting up home together expect to be able to have brand new everything straightaway. When we married forty years ago you were grateful for anything you were given.

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

I get cross when people "work the System" that is in place to support those in genuine need. Women have fought hard for maternity rights and the woman in your first example does all women a dis-service.
I know of a couple on benefits that spend £500 per child (they have two) for Christmas! When I said I thought this extreme she said she saw no reason they should go without just because they were unemployed. I told her that few people on good wages could afford such gifts- if indeed they thought it advisable to spend so much on a child.
We, like you, have earnt every single penny we have. No one has left us anything or given us anything and we are proud of that.

lynda said...

Boggles the mind....I want money but don't want to WORK for it.....I agree with you!

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