Sunday, 1 May 2016

A lovely day for gongoozeling

Strictly speaking a gongoozler is someone who likes to watch canal life without getting involved.

Whereas we were actually watching boats on the Thames, three of the boats that went through were canal boats, two narrow boats and a widebeam.

It's lovely down by the lock, lots of people and dogs, lots to look at, even a café if you fancy a coffee or a snack.

The dog and I shared an ice cream.

My oldest son, on the other hand was truly gongoozling, he was at the Canalway Cavalcade at Little Venice.

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galant said...

How lovely to live close to a canal and see the canal life. We live by the sea, but it's a holiday resort and I actually prefer a 'working' sea, such as when we visited Aldeburgh and watched the fishing boats putting to see of a morning.
Margaret P


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