Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tact is not always my strong point

But I have just sent an email to explain why my DGD is refusing to go to her dance class.

Here is the email I sent.

Dear XXX
I thought I'd let you know that we have finally discovered why Eileen is refusing to come along to dance class. It seems that much as she loves her lessons she is upset as no-one wants to be her partner.
I realise that Eileen is a bit of an urchin but she is a kind and thoughtful child and has found this hurtful.
I do understand how children behave, especially girls as I have two daughters, I would just like you to be aware of the reason behind Eileen's reluctance to attend further dance lessons.
Regards Hester

Here is what I wanted to send.

How dare you let those little bitches be so unkind to Eileen!
Let me at them and I'll have their guts for garters!

See I can be tactful when necessary, hubby didn't believe me, he wanted to read the emails before I sent it!


galant said...

Love your post, Hard up Hester! Yes, some little girls can be right little bitches!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

Oh Hester that is so sad, I am sorry for Eileen particularly as she enjoys dancing.

I have 2 daughters, obviously grown up (in their 40s) but I would have wiped the floor with them if I had found out they treated someone badly.

I hope the dance school take note and invite Eileen back

Marie xx

Justine said...

Ha ha! Made me laugh x

Anonymous said...

I can sympathise, my daughters both attended dance classes for years and loved them. There's something about dance schools that seems to bring out the worst in the girls and their mothers and there's so much showing off and oneupmanship which spoils it. I was considered a bit odd I think by some of the mothers but I really didn't want yo get drawn into all of that, I just wanted DD's to enjoy it. My oldest had enough and gave it up but restarted at university and loves going to the uni dance society so it was worth it in the end.

Attila said...

I always let rip, save the letter or email, go away and do something else. When I go back to it I know whether to edit or not!

Pollyanna-26 said...

Hester I think you found the perfect solution . All the emotions expressed inwardly then the polite missive which hopefully will resolve matters sent .
I have just been looking at the pictures from Crick - only you Hester only you !

ravylesley said...

sod that i'd have sent the truthful one and hang the consequences. My Hubby learnt a long time ago that I only open my mouth to change foot so leaves me to it


Hard up Hester said...

Thank you, I will let you know if I get a reply.
Ravylesley, I love that expression 'open my mouth to change feet'.

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