Sunday, 1 May 2016

Thank you

Thank you all for your comments, advice and suggestions.
Galant, great advice and info, thank you.
Trishwish I have listed the first 10 things to sell on various sites.
Kathy thanks for the info re the energy rating.
SweetBBE, unfortunately we aren't eligible as we can afford something, though probably not the property we'd like.
An interesting suggestion Anon, unfortunately most of these jobs require the husband to drive and mine can't.

After DGD had been collected by SIL, my L&M and I took the dog for a long walk, it was a lovely sunny day, we walked to the lock and watched the boats going through.
Once home I cooked lunch then got the last load of washing in.
The house is a mess, but I'll vacuum and steam through tomorrow after the dog has been collected.

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