Friday, 20 May 2016


It's 1 in the morning, why am I awake? It can only mean one thing, the grandchildren are staying and one of them can't sleep. Thank heavens for Peppa Pig!


Life at Number 38 said...

Know how that feels! I don't even want to think about the amout of times I've had to watch Teletubbies at 4am. No chance of a lie in either which is probably the same at yours. Have a good weekend. x

galant said...

I was up at about 1 am, too! Snap! But that was because I was bright as a button! Why should I be like that a 1 am? Mad, or what? I'd had a busy day and I'd had a pain killer for my arthritis, so that normally sends me to sleep anyway, but no, I was wide awake.
So I got up, made some Bournvita - you can't buy that in the shops in the UK now, so I send for it online at enormous expense, but we all have our little weaknesses, don't we? - and some cream crackers and marmalade, and a banana, and sat in the study and looked at a lovely book which I'd ordered and which arrived yesterday, all for 1p plus p&p (yet another interior design book from the 1990s, a bit dated in parts but good design is good design) and enjoyed an hour reading, sipping my drink and munching my cream crackers until I felt sleepy. Then went to bed and of course, overslept this morning! But why bother? The sleep police won't come for me, will they? At least I didn't have to read/watch Peppa Pig, tee-hee!
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

Suzy got sleepy around 3ish so we went back to bed then. Eileen woke up at 6, they all were awake by 8:30, Suzy went down for a nap at 10, SIL picked them up at 11, by which time we'd made caked, cookies and a cloth dinosaur!


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