Monday, 16 May 2016

CSA, an explanation

My ex husband had 2 obsessions, sex and money. He insisted on total control over any money coming into the household. This included the Family Allowance, he therefore kept the Family Allowance book that used to be issued. He was insistent that the money was only spent on things he approved of and not frittered away on clothes or other items for the children.
I left him 2 weeks after our youngest son, John, joined the Army at 16, at the time Family Allowance could be claimed after 16 for children in further education. My ex had applied for the benefit to be extended claiming the our youngest son had gone to college.
John was discharged from the Army after 6 weeks on medical grounds, something to do with his knees.
John then moved in with me.
The ex used the Family Allowance book to 'prove' John was still living with him and applied to the CSA for child support.
He still believes I owe him £3000 from this time.
This eats away at him, money that should be in his possession and isn't.


Marlene jones said...

Turn on him, prove you son was living with you, and if he was not in education then tell the authorities and hope they go after him for any wrong payments.

kate steeper said...

CSA spawn of Satan , I wish you much look with any dealings you have with them , you now have nothing to prove to them if your son is over 20 years of age it becomes a civil matter between you and your ex and nothing to do with them .

galant said...

What a truly dreadful time you have had and he is continuing to make life difficult even though you are now divorced and you are now happily re-married.
Margaret P

Margie from Toronto said...

Turn him in for fraud! What a Nutter he must be!

Eeek said...

Wow! The ex is just a bit strange! Crazy!

Eeek said...

Wow! The ex is just a bit strange! Crazy!

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