Monday, 2 May 2016

Listed for sale so far

Radio cassette player
Cork pin board
1 small tv
1 large tv
Aircon unit
Slow cooker with recipe book
Garden table and chairs
Corner desk
3 wooden shelf units
2 bookcases
5 Vases
Cake/baking tins
Wall unit shelves and cupboard
Wall unit shelves
Wall unit shelves and drawers
Mirror with dark frame
Mirror with light frame
Dark wood bookshelf
Light wood bookshelf
Curtain fabric
2 wicker whatnots, one with drawers one without.
Office chair
2 heavy cream cotton blankets
2 Bedside chests
Mini oven


galant said...

What an amazing amount of things for sale! I wish you the best of luck selling them!
Margaret P

Tracey said...

That's the way to go! Xx


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