Monday, 2 May 2016


I've just taken my lodger for her morning constitutional, just a quick round the block as she had a long walk yesterday and has been out in the garden a few times already.

Whilst out I passed a neighbour, he was being dragged along the road by his very large German Shepherd called Butch.

Why do some men think it makes them look tough being dragged along by a dog?

I think a well trained dog makes a man look more manly, not that we can talk because the lodger in not at all well trained, but:-
A) She's only small.
B) She's trained in Polish & we don't speak it.
C) She's not our dog.

Butch is OK with people but he will jump up a lot, I like dogs and I know he is friendly but he is big enough to make me stagger.

Butch does not like other dogs and went loopy at the site of my lodger, he nearly pulled his owner over.

The lodger jumped straight up into my arms for protection.

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galant said...

It's a good job your lodger is small. A Doberman jumping into your arms, or an Afghan hound, would be a different matter!
Margaret P

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